Olga Militsi

Olga is a certified Yoga, Acro Yoga and Pilates instructor with an inherent love for the arts and everything around movement. Her teaching experience extends to more than a decade and has had the chance to lead small and larger groups in the USA, Greece, Canada and UK. Arts inspire her and she infuses a bit of the style and ethereal movement of dance in her teaching style. Her students have baptised her unique style “Yolga” (Yoga with Olga) and which turned into her signature brand “Move the Yolga Way”.

Having travelled and lived a lot around Greece and different parts of the world has allowed her to sense people’s vibes more clearly and connect with everyone in a unique way. She loves dreaming and let her thoughts wander with the clouds whilst making sure her feet are solid on the ground.

Olga puts a lot of focus on correct alignment which allows a lifelong practice with controlled challenges. She sees yoga as the best way to keep a strong the healthy body as long as possible as well as the perfect way to get rid of everything we don’t need and fill ourselves only with positive energy and a calm mind.

Her Greek temperament is present in everything she does and her goal is to share with everyone the unique beauty and therapeutic power of the Greek summer.

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Wendy Snongjati

Wendy is a qualified yoga instructor with extensive teaching experience and the unique ability to bring the yoga community together. She is one Wild Yogi as her students call her. That’s because she set herself free from the conventional image of a vegetarian, always serene and unrealistically perfect yoga teachers. True to herself and others she has managed to have a loyal and continuously growing group of lovely yogis who follow her classes and workshops.

Originally from Thailand, she brings the wisdom of her culture and fuses it uniquely with the modern way of life.

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